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  1. Persons under 13 years are not allowed to use this website
  2. If in disagreement with any of our terms and condition don’t use the website.
  3. Users from European Union should be above 16 years
  4. Submission of the order form as well as payment is a confirmation that you have read fully, understand and duly agree to go with them.



Customer/you/-any submitting an order

Product-original content

Order-an online electronic form filled and submitted by customers


Our services

Purchase any product by making an order. Before placing an order read the terms and conditions well since all these content are created by freelance writer but finally move the rights and ownership of the article to the company.



Refunds are only made in accordance with the Money Back Guarantee. Please visit the document to now more. Further be ware that only the amount stated are refundable not including FAT if from EU.


Personal use and copyright

We deliver original products to our customers but the copyright of the product remains with the company. The use of the purchased product is personal and not for commercial purposes. Using the product in any unauthorized purpose is treated as a crime and can led to penalties.


No plagiarism

The company has the full right to reject any order when they suspect any unlawful act. The company trust that the delivered product is for research and shall not be modified in any way or sold for payment and if found the contract between you and the company ends and you may further be subjected to criminal offense. Only below 10% plagiarism is allowed and for any referencing done cite and state the website.


What we guarantee you

All our content are less than 10% plagiarized and we do much as possible to meet your requirements such as thorough research, formatting as well as correct language to be used.


How to place an order

To place an order you are required to fill an online form that will ask for some personal details such email and telephone number. The details you provide under no circumstance shall it be disclosed to anybody.


Fees and payment

We charge the services we provide you but excluding the VAT which is chargeable to EU customers.


How to verify Payment

To prevent fraudulent cases the customer is asked to send scanned identity document that was used in making the payment.



Once the writers are done the customer can preview the product and if satisfying the requirement can approve by pressing the Approve button to be able to download the product. After downloading the product can be send back for revision within 7 days at a free cost see Revision Policy for more information. The maximum approval time is also 7 day and failure to do so the content automatically will be approved.

The company fraternity works within the set governing rules and regulations and any violation will lead to judgment in court. The company laws are subject to changes at any time and may do so without the concert of customers.