About Our Cookies

Cookies are normally text files that are stored locally on your computer, phone or any other electronic device that you regularly use to access an Internet website through a browser.

These cookies help this website fit our visitors’ needs and hence enhances user experience on the site. In short, cookies make the use of a website convenient by keeping your data and enabling you to stay signed in to the site for some period.

This website, like many others, has third-party applications that set third-party cookies, for example, Google Plus and Facebook. This is to help you view our most recent post or contact our Customer Support through a Zendesk Chat.

This website page points out why and how this website uses cookies. By using the website, you accept using our cookies as demonstrated on our website privacy policy and below.

In case you don’t want this website to provide cookies on your device browser, go to your browser setting and manage your cookie preference.

Note that some sections on our website may not function properly if you don’t accept our website cookies.

About Our Cookies

The Type of Cookies We Use

We use both persistent and session cookies:

Persistent cookies: Working with Third Parties

Persistent cookies are files stored on your browser for a long term. They usually remain on the device you regularly use for some period after you have closed the browser.

Session cookies

Session cookies are files stored temporarily on your browser. They only last until you close the browser. They help a website remember your previous page activities, e.g., when you make your first time order.

How We Use Our Cookies

We use cookies in sign-up forms and on orders. Therefore, if you have disabled your cookies, you will have some trouble applying or receiving our services. These uses include:

  • To help you remember while making an order
  • To help you remember while signed in to the website
  • Tracking how you use our website and other services herein
  • To enable you to view relevant notifications only
  • Providing you Live Chat support
  • Tracking your activity through third-party services, e.g., Facebook Analytics or Google Analytics
  • To personalize our ads and content to provide our social media features as well as analyzing our traffic

Note that we share our information on the use of this site in our advertising, analytics, and social media partners.

Working with Third Parties

We use these cookies when you are completing a transaction whenever you are paying for our services or an order.

We DON’T share personal information with third parties that aren’t involved in the placing, delivering and completing an order.

Managing Cookies

You can decline or accept cookies although most website browsers accept cookies automatically. You can modify your device browser settings to decline these cookies, as you may prefer. However, you may not get the most out of our website because it might not function properly when you have disabled cookies.