● Service availability

Despite our efforts to ensure that this writing service is available at all times, in case it is not available for any given period of time for any reason, we will not be liable for the inconvenience. Furthermore, notice will not be given prior to suspending your access to this site. We do not accept liability for any damages that you may suffer due to the use or inability to utilize this site. Furthermore, we do not accept liability for the use or inability to utilize the material contained within or decisions arising from continued use of the website. Any content within our site represents our views and not any legal or professional advice of any sort. Should you need this form of counsel, seek professional assistance from your adviser.

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● Utilization of the pieces of writing which are received

You are not to put your own name on the pieces of writing that you deliver. Going forth, these will be referred to as products. The products that are delivered to you are for reference or research purposes only. We do not intend to knowingly participate in dishonesty, plagiarism or academic fraud. Seeing as we abide by copyright laws, our customers will not knowingly be allowed to violate these laws or perform plagiarism. The product that is delivered to you serves as a model or research example document. Therefore, any ideas or text which you borrow from the product must be referenced to this website.

Our company and its affiliates are not liable for wrongful, illegal, inappropriate or unethical application of the products that are received from this website. Examples of these actions include probation, lawsuits, low grades, plagiarism, failure, the loss of awards or suspension. Our customer is full responsible for any disciplinary consequences that emerge from the improper utilization of our product. Any technical issues or delays that could emerge due to a malfunction of our customer’s mail server or Internet connection are not our liability. You are not guaranteed of a specific grade and should you be assessed poorly, you cannot request for a refund.

● Plagiarism

We only accept below 10% of appropriation. In case this level is higher, you can rightfully request for a refund or revision. Should you desire more information concerning these elements, you can view our Revision Policy. There is also information about this in our Money Back Guarantee. References of a bibliographical nature as well as phrases are not regarded as plagiarism. Therefore, they are not included in its calculation.

● Pay processing

The cost structure which you can view in the section about prices within our website does not include any Value Added Tax (VAT). This is only charged to customers based in the European Union. This non-refundable amount is added to the order cost during payment transaction.

● Revision and refund requests

Customers cannot receive more than three revisions for free. Should you desire a paper to be revised after utilizing the three free chances, you are required to place a new order for the purpose of proofreading or editing. Should the Quality Assurance Department conclude that the instructions which you gave initially are fully satisfied, the request which you made for refund will be rejected. This request is only satisfied after the Revision Policy requirements are fulfilled.

Once you press the button labeled Approve, you give up the right for refund. As such, you can only request a revision within 7 days after having pressed this button. If you have not checked the product in a preview mode, do not press this button. Should your paper be illegible in the facilitated format, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team. Request for a different way to read the document.

During the process of asking for a complete refund, you do not have the right to utilize the paper or its complementary materials. These materials are property of the company. Therefore, we maintain the right for online publishing of the paper for commercial use. There are no essay databases under our supervision. Moreover, online publishing means that if the product is searched for through a search engine or assessed with anti-appropriation software, it will be associated with our website. The paper can emerge as a sample essay or content. These activities are performed so as to protect the work provided by our writers in case a Customer requests for a refund for completed work.

For every paper, there is a 7-day approval period. This period represents the time between uploading of the last version to your confidential order page. Once this period is over, the paper is automatically approved. If you are based in the European Union and have made payment for VAT during the transaction, it is not refunded. Only a percentage or the full stated price can be refunded.

● Concerning proofreading

Should you make a request for proofreading, the writer is not expected to adjust in excess of 30% of the paper. This activity only involves us checking the work on your behalf for plagiarized sections or errors. The writer is also not expected to develop a new piece of work from your upload. Furthermore, you cannot request a writer to recreate an article online and receive a charge for proofreading. Rewriting and proofreading are not the same.

● Concerning paraphrasing

Should you place an order for paraphrasing, expect that the whole textual section of the work will be changed by the writer. However, harbor no expectation that the writer will perform a rewrite or perform new research. In paraphrasing, the writer will use other words in a similar structure to convey the meaning in your paper.

● Solving problems and multiple choice

We can solve problems and answer tests about multiple choice for you. A special price is applied for this purpose. Furthermore, specialized forms for these types of orders need to be filled. The test or problem which you desire us to solve also requires upload. The grade which you get is not our responsibility. It is your choice to trust us or not.