Money Back Guarantee

You qualify for a 100% refund, minus tax, on the paper that you requested if:

– A mistake was made with the payment,

– We were unable to get you a quality writer,

– The deadline was missed.

90% refunds are available on the condition that no writer has picked up your job, and less than half of the deadline has passed.

70% refunds are available if a writer has already started working on the project and you decide to cancel it before half of the deadline has passed.

50% refunds are available if:

– A writer has started on the project and more than half of the deadline has passed,

– We are unable to find a writer to do your revision.

Prices will be recalculated if we are unable to deliver the paper on time. The new price will be worked out according to how much longer it took to complete the project. This does not apply to revisions.

If soft copies are not handed in on time, or if parts of it are missing, the recalculated price will not include the soft copies. The difference will then be credited to your balance.

Keep in mind that you have a maximum of 7 days to review the paper. The timer starts as soon as the final version is uploaded. If you fail to review the paper in this time, it will be approved automatically.

If you do not like the quality of the submitted paper, you can request a free revision or initiate a dispute. Before you initiate a dispute, you should know that:

– Your dispute must be backed up with strong evidence,

– Each case is reviewed separately,

– Closing disputes can take up to 14 days,

– Failure to provide strong evidence for initiating a dispute within 14 days will result in an annulment.

When you ask for a full refund, you no longer have the right to use the paper. All of the content becomes property of our company.