1. Privacy policy 

Our mandate is to protect the privacy of the website myessayhaven.com Our major work is to control processing of personal data. Our policies are available during signing up but can later change them on your profile.

2. Cookies 

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3. Use of personal data 

The analytic tracking system among other may be used to obtain your usage data and process for our further analysis to better our services to you. Under performance contract we may process your account data for the purpose of our website security and proper communication.

For payment purposes some documents are required to prove you are the formal holder of the account. Beware not to provide a third party data or provide your data if not permitted. 

4. Personal data disclosure 

At no point in time will we disclose your personal data but can be done only under certain conditions where necessary but within their policies. 

5. Data transfer internationally

 For users outside US their information is permitted to be transferred to US for purpose of processing under the framework laid in the website.

 6. Retaining time

We have all what it takes to retain and maintain your personal data for as long as within the law. After expiry of agreed time to keep or when your request we delete them. 

7. Amendments 

We do regular changes to keep our website updated. Check our website regularly to know the changes though we may notify you of such changes.